Rapid advancements in communication technology are constantly challenging today’s businesses to provide up-to-date infrastructure that reliable, secure and flexible.

Customers, business partners and employees are demanding modern communication tools to keep them connected and mobile as well.

Taylor Alpine helps clients and SMB businesses exploit the advantages of VoIP, and help them migrate in a cost-effective manner from legacy technologies such TDM to IP Telephony. We assess , migrate, integrate, secure and manage IP Telephony to help clients mitigate the risk of end-of-life PBX’s and reduce the operational costs associated with managing and administrating multiple networks.

Our Approach consists of the following:

· A secure IP Telephony assessment Service

· A proven methodology for deploying IP Telephony

· An IPT health check

· Call control and billing system

· A managed service for IP Telephony

· WiFi Wireless VOIP with Internet access SIP Calling  “NEW”

Wireless VOIP SIP calling with Canadian and international long distance calling. Can be used at home with WiFi internet access or on your smart phone. You won’t need a land ever again.

IP Telephony

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