Ensure Business Continuity:

Accidents happen. Disasters strike. But as a cloud-based solution, virtual phone systems are immune to power failures and local network crashes.

Hosted PBX packages bend to the business’ budget. With as pay-as-you-go or unlimited calling plans, Hosted PBX maintains no contracts and charges no hidden fees.





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Upgrade your phone system with 3CX Phone System   

Still fighting with over priced landlines and cell phones, want a more professional experience for your customers and advanced functionality like the pros? Let us show you how 3CX Phone System for Windows can help

Software IP PBX

Hosted PBX by Taylor Alpine Inc is the Business Phone system for you if you are a small or mediuim business that needs a PBX system, but doesn't have the resources to manage an internal PBX or you are working out of offices with no room for storing telephony equipment.

Our Virtual PBX offers all the advantages of a PBX system, but bypasses the barriers Small and Medium businesses face in hosting and managing an internal PBX, while still utilizing a secure, global network. Simple to install, it uses your business broadband connection and VoIP technology to access the unique features of our innovative Hosted VoIP. Plus all calls within the VOIP.MS  Network are free.


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Taylor Alpine Inc

Small Business Hosted PBX          

Introducing Hosted PBX – The Best Solution for High-Growth Start-ups  and Local Small & Medium Businesses.




Hosted PBX saves small businesses an average of 40% to 60% per month on phone services. Hosted PBX even promises consistent, predictable billing.

Small business hosted PBX solutions equip owners and employees with the tools to timely respond to customer inquiries and effectively forward calls to the appropriate representatives

Improve employee availability by connecting landlines, smartphones, SIP devices and Google Talk accounts. Set time conditions for ultimate schedule flexibility


During peak hours, queues process untended callers. Hosted PBX systems play pre-recorded audio or on-hold music, relaying critical information to or entertaining callers waiting in queues


All Hosted PBX packages unlock full access to the robust PBX cloud-based phone system. You won't find a better voice system in its class. See for yourself and learn about each of our hosted PBX features below.


· Voice Mail

· Digital Receptionist

· Ring Groups

· Call Forwarding

· Voicemail Notification

· Audio Playback

· Call Recording

· Call Queueing

· Call Logging

· Time Routing

· Conferencing

· Web Conferencing

· Toll Free Numbers

· Softphone with out of office dialing

· 3CX iPhone and Android App



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