Taylor Alpine delivers innovative products and services to our business customers across Canada, Leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit and skills and our close customer relationships, Taylor Alpine has become a exceptional IT Integration Company.

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IT Integration and Unified Communications Integrators

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Upgrade your phone system with 3CX Phone System   

Still fighting with over priced landlines and cell phones, want a more professional experience for your customers and advanced functionality like the pros? Let us show you how 3CX Phone System for Windows can help

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Our Position             Providing a secure and robust voice & Network infrastructure as the platform for richer communications and collaboration reduces costs and offers more productive communication.

Converged Communications & Data Networking

Our Data Center and Campus Network solution is based on converged network architecture within the data center, combining the IP Networks and Storage Networks into a Unified Fabric. The solution provides the customer cost reductions by converging Ethernet and Fiber Channel to support IP, iSCSI, NFS and Fiber Channel traffic on a single switch fabric and provides the client the ability to offer a guaranteed level of service.

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Software IP PBX

Taylor Alpine helps clients integrate traditional communication tools (telephony, email) with collaboration technologies (IM, conferencing) that provide new ways to communicate from any location, using any device and accessing any application.

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IT Consulting

Improving productivity of remote and mobility workers through seamless access to corporate communications tools and business applications, irrespective of location, allows for increased productivity and effectiveness.

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